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It is with great sadness that we inform you that Ron Phillips passed away peacefully on 29 September 2019 after a short illness.

We at KNZTC wish to thank you for your custom and support over the last 10 years.

Any enquiries can be directed to

With warm regards,
The team at KNZTC



KNZTC (Khmer New Zealand Trading Company Ltd), is a consultancy and sales company with 50 years of combines experience specialising in speed and road safety enforcement both for public roading, private industrial or commercial sites.

KNZTC have been Stalker Radar’s direct factory representative in New Zealand, South East Asia India and the Pacific region for the last 10 years, providing products such as

If you require a complete speed measurement system and Stalker (or any other company) can only provide the front end then, we, through our own brand Acura Traffic Systems can provide the extra equipment to provide you with a turnkey solution.

Acura Traffic Systems offer a range of products such as

Specialist Training

We provide specialist training for radar laser to IACP and ANZ standards, we have conducted training to industrial and law enforcement customers in Myanmar, Vietnam, Fiji, Cook Islands, Singapore, Kiribati, and Indonesia and on behalf of the World's Bigger biggest NGO funder of Road Safety.  We supply our own simple to understand training manual and videos as part of our training packages.

Calibration Laboratories

We have partnered up with RF Test Solutions, an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory in Lower Hutt, Wellington to provide calibration services.

They can offer a timelier service than we, when all KNZTC staff were working out of Asia at the time of your requirement.

Providing Customers With The Total Speed Measurement Solution