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Acura Speed Measuring Products

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If you require a complete system and Stalker (or any other) can only provide the front end then, we, through our own brand Acura Traffic Systems can provide the extra equipment to provide you with the full solution.

Here are some of the products we can supply.

Acura Photolaser Speed Measurement Camera

This hand held photolaser camera is an invaluable tool for police in controlling speeding drivers and making your streets and community safe. Providing for fast, easy photo capture of speed, date, and licence plate number: the clarity of the vehicle and number plate imagesĀ  leaves no room for error....Read more

Acura Public Transport Surveillance System

Industry has been calling out for a small mobile but low cost vehicle video recorder system capable of having up to 4 cameras with audio, date, time, location and speed on video images....Read more

Providing Customers With The Total Speed Measurement Solution