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Acura Photolaser Camera

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This hand held photolaser camera is an invaluable tool for police in controlling speeding drivers and making your streets and community safe. Providing for fast, easy photo capture of speed, date, and licence plate number: the clarity of the vehicle and number plate images  leaves no room for error.

The ACURA PHOTOLASER CAMERA offers more than superior performance and versatility. With its long range,  six modes of operation, high quality colour images printable at the roadside plus movie mode and night-time operation through the unit’s dual flash system, this is an ideal tool for many different situations. 

Stalker Acura Photolaser

This product is exclusively made for and only available from Khmer New Zealand Trading Company.

photographs taken with the Stalker Acura Photolaser


  • The target vehicle is captured and saved to a Canon digital camera that captures such data as speed of the target vehicle with date and time displayed on the image.
  • Suitable for vehicles traveling towards and away
  • Real-time video clips built in
  • Bright 70mm rear panel LCD screen with big and clear letters and numbers for viewing image
  • Can be used from inside or outside motor vehicle
  • Targets up to 1500 metres away can be detected
  • The Laser can be used without camera and same with camera without Laser
  • Can be used day and night with in dual flash light built in
  • Captured images can be downloaded and printed at the roadside
  • Images can be directly downloaded by 3G phone to remote computer
  • Can be tripod mounted or hand held
  • Speed accuracy ± 0.64 km/h @ 100km/h ISO 17025 certified result
  • Dual flashlight for night-time operation
  • Long life battery operation of 14 hours
  • Camera resolution 14.1 megapixel
  • Adjustable speed trigger from 2 to 481 Km/h
  • 4000 images can be stored on memory card
  • Continuous image numbering from 1 to 9999 on image record
  • Light weight complete with battery 2.1kgs
  • Eye safety can be made to European Standard EU: EN60825-1 class 1M, if required
  • Eye safety complies with US Class 1 Standard Laser Device
  • Audio tone for tracking and indicating target speed.
  • Fast acquisition time 0.3 second
  • Can be downloaded to SmartPhone with GPS location displayed on photo
  • Operating temperature range - 30°c to +60°c @ 90% humidity
  • Rear panel 75 mm colour LCD screen to view pictures
  • 6 modes of operation single shot or continuous tracking both speed and range
  • Comes complete with 1 year factory warranty

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Providing Customers With The Total Speed Measurement Solution