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KNZTC offers the total solution for your required outcome, we don’t just sell a product and leave you up in the air. Drawing from 20 years' experience in the speed measurement field we can advise you on the best ways to obtain the results that you require.

Most companies in this business will sell you a product, even if it is not correct, just to obtain the sale. That is not the way we work.

We will advise our customers when the device they have selected is not Fit for Purpose and will never produce the results they want. Even if this may cost us the loss of a sale.

What many of our customers have said to us:

“If we had only listened to your advice!”

“Sorry we purchased from another company but the idea has not worked can you help us out now?”

“I noticed you did not reply to our tender do you still think we are buying the wrong equipment”

“Thanks for showing us another way of thinking about our project”

We respect that the customer is always right - without the customer we do not have a business, so let’s get it right in the beginning not months after.

Our Price Guarantee

We are not in the business of selling bargain-bin priced equipment, because this comes with a hidden costs when you require after sales service or have warranty claims that are not honoured.

All our sales products are brand new, most likely manufactured 10 days from the time you receive them. This means we can supply you with the latest production model and software version, and it all comes with full factory warranty.

In the case of Stalker Radar or Laser products, as the representatives of Stalker for New Zealand, India, SE Asia and the Pacific region, we will isten to your requirements and place your order directly with Stalker, who will send you the invoice to pay them, not us.

This means you buy at the best factory direct price possible, without the extra costs that would have to be included by KNZTC, such shipping to us, paying customs duties and re-shipping to you. This can add about 50% extra to the costs and our system can save you every penny of that.

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Providing Customers With The Total Speed Measurement Solution