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Our speed measurement equipment's uses are not limited to law enforcement. Do you have a speeding driver problem around your private road system, on your building site or, it may be inside the factory or warehouse from fork lifts or trucks?

In order to know if speeding is a problem we recommend that a speed survey is conducted within the industrial complex before attempting to enforce the unknown.

All our occupational health and safety products can be hired or purchased.

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Acura Speed Awareness Signs

Our speed awareness signs are rugged, accurate and can be used in many situations, from the traditional roadside warning to sports events....Read more

Industrial Speed Cameras, Speed Detection Equipment, Stalker NZ

The Acura Industrial Speed Camera has been designed for industrial and commercial purposes and can solve your speed problems in the workplace, whether inside your warehouse, loading areas or on surrounding internal roads. And for under $4000....Read more

Industrial Speed Survey and Analysing Equipment, Stalker NZ

Acura Traffic Systems has produced a portable battery powered survey unit that can store and retain data for 8 days without downloading. Once the data is downloaded into the speed analysing program a clear chart display is available to indicate you have a speeding problem or not....Read more

Manned Passive Non Stopping Equipment

Some multi-national companies have leased or purchased a speed gun and large speed display panel to conduct non-intrusive stopping of offender and to provide them with a friendly reminder of their speed by coupling the radar to a speed display board to indicate the driver's speed....Read more

Acura Speed Trailer, Detection Equipment

If you operate a roading system that needs to be controlled for health and safety reason this is the device for you. The Acura Speed Awareness trailer has been designed for New Zealand’s harsh weather conditions and is small enough to move around by hand at industrial sites, roadworks and inside warehouses to make drivers aware of speed restrictions....Read more

Providing Customers With The Total Speed Measurement Solution