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Acura Speed Awareness Trailer

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If you operate a roading system that needs to be controlled for health and safety reason this is the device for you. The Acura Speed Awareness trailer has been designed for New Zealand’s harsh weather conditions and is small enough to move around by hand at industrial sites, roadworks and inside warehouses to make drivers aware of speed restrictions.

The trigger speed for “Slow Down” message can be set from 11 km/h to 500km/h by the user, without complex computer programming, by selecting the trigger speed on 3 simple push buttons inside the sign.

Acura Speed Awareness Trailer

General Specifications

  • Detection distance up to 600metres
  • Direction settings towards or away
  • Display panel size 600mm wide 400mm high
  • Display characters 550mm of 3 LEDs per digit
  • Colours available green and red or all amber

Closeup of the display panel

    Providing Customers With The Total Speed Measurement Solution