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Industrial Speed Cameras

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The Acura Industrial Speed Camera has been designed for industrial and commercial purposes and can solve your speed problems in the workplace, whether inside your warehouse, loading areas or on surrounding internal roads. And for under $4000.

This is a standalone speed camera unit that does not require a staff member to be present and operate it. Any vehicles such as fork lifts or trucks moving inside a warehouse or outside, that exceed  your company’s restricted speed limit, will cause the speed camera to activate and capture a 10 second video clip of a vehicle in excess of this limit. The event is recorded with speed date/time and GPS location superimposed on the video image for later viewing and action to be taken.

Offenders cannot dispute their speed when shown the video, thus removing arguments between management and staff. The system is accurate within ±1 km/h and the evidence can be used in Industrial relations hearings.

Acura industrial speed camera

The unit can be mounted on a tripod, trailer, wheeled trolley or any bracket in the workplace.

Over 1000 images can be taken and stored on the memory card.

Acura industrial speed camera

Playback can be undertaken on any PC that has media viewing software or our proprietary software.

Available for purchase or hire

Providing Customers With The Total Speed Measurement Solution