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Speed Survey and Analysing Equipment

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Acura Traffic Systems has produced a portable battery powered survey unit that can store and retain data for 8 days without downloading. Once the data is downloaded into the speed analysing program a clear chart display is available to indicate you have a speeding problem or not.

To comply with your OHS rules you need to enforce posted speed limits. Perhaps not all the time but as required to reduce speed - that’s where we can help. We give you the option of leasing a simple no-training required radar speed gun rather than purchasing a new one that gets lost and may only required for a few days each year.

This enforcement may have financial benefits and reduce insurance policies that well exceed the small hire costs or outright purchase.

Some companies find it hard to enforce the speed limit within the work place as the enforcer is a member of the staff.  That's where we can help out by bringing an unknown person from our staff to conduct the audits and report to management on the finds. Our equipment is certified to within ±1 km/h and we are prepared to stand up and be counted during any industrial action calling on our years of field in these matters.

Some of our speed survey and analysing equipment

speed survey and analysing equipment pole mounted

speed survey and analysing equipment, mounted on a pole.

speed survey and analysing equipment, hidden in a traffic cone

speed survey and analysing equipment, hidden in a traffic cone.

 A hand held speed radar which can be pointed at vehicles

 Hand held radar gun that is directed towards offender

Providing Customers With The Total Speed Measurement Solution