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Radar Laser Training

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We provide specialist training in radar laser to IACP and ANZ standards, for both industrial clients and Police. We have conducted training in many places such as Myanmar, Fiji, Cook Islands, Singapore, Kiribati, and Indonesia and on behalf of the Worlds Bigger NGO funder of Road Safety. 

Prior to undertaking training in any country we spend 2 days, at our own cost, observing traffic, the conditions and other local factors that must be considered and introduced into the course.

"Playing is knowledge" in our training program. For every hour spent in classroom we spend an hour on the road putting the theory into practice. Training includes both day and nighttime practical operation on a road, using all the safety protection clothing. We also provide training on how to approach the vehicle and speak with the offender. We also supply our own simple to understand training manual and  videos,  supplied to you, the client as part of our training packages.

Radar training is over 2 days and laser requires 1 day for Police. For industrial customers who do not require the strict evidential requirements, the course can be reduced to 1 day radar, ½ day for Laser.

Radar Laser Training

To comply with International Police standards a pass mark of above 70% is required in both theory and practical examinations.

To reduce the travel costs for our overseas customers we can tailor the course dates to fit into our travel arrangements to reduce the costs. Maximum number of students per course is 10.

Example of traffic radar training course contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Course requirements
  3. History of traffic radar
  4. Traffic radar theory
  5. The radar beam
  6. Beam reflections
  7. Signal absorption
  8. Beam refraction
  9. Target reflectivity
  10. Relative motion
  11. The Doppler Principal
  12. Cosine effect
  13. Operating modes
  14. Tracking history
  15. Interference sources
  16. uning forks
  17. Operating Guidelines
  18. Troubleshooting
  19. Practical on road deployments
  20. Examination theory and practical

Radar Laser Training

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