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Over the years we have found that no single company could provide the complete speed measurement solution from front to back. It was always a matter of buying many products from many different manufacturers and putting all these devices together to make a complete system.  Government, local authorities, NGOs and companies often want an off the shelf product without the hassle of putting all together.

This is where our expertise come into play as we have had to do this time and time again. Now, we, in conjunction with our partner companies we can offer complete speed measuring systems in a package that's ready to go.

If you have a speed measurement requirement put us to the test to provide a system for you.

Just some of the total speed measurement products we have supplied

  • Vehicle roof mounted large digital speedometers
  • Railway train speedometers
  • Warehouse and private road speed cameras
  • Speed overlay on CCTV cameras monitors
  • Radar and Laser speed verification systems
  • Wireless and microwave links that remove the need for cables
  • Dual vehicle speedometer reading for confirmation of speed by video link
  • Portable video recorders for recording speeds during on road testing
  • Covert speed measurement systems for industrial properties
  • Rolling roads and calibrators with ± 0.1km/h accuracy  
  • On-road distance measurement devices for Taxi Meters
  • Calibration Testing Software
  • Red light camera simulators
  • Radar speed simulators

Some of the speed measurement products we have supplied our customers

Large external speedometer displays for speed confirmation

large external speedometer display for speed confirmation large external speedometer display for speed confirmation
Radio wireless remote speedometers RS232 or RS485

Radio wireless remote speedometers RS232 or RS485


Acura Multifunction Speed Verification Display

This is a must for any speed enforcement agency operating speed detection devices.

KNZTC have developed a speed verification system to compare speed readings from Radar, Laser, Speed Cameras and Speedometers. Just point the verification display in the direction of travel and compare speeds between your speed detector and our unit, it is so simple to use and can be set up in less than 5 minutes.

Certified accuracy at 100 km/h ± 0.64km/h ISO 17025 rating.

Using 3 large 130mm Green LED’s being the best colour to see during high sunlight levels plus excellent at night providing long distance readability up to 100metres.

Acura Multifunction Speed Verification DisplayAcura Multifunction Speed Verification Display 02

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Providing Customers With The Total Speed Measurement Solution