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Trade-In, Used Units and Over Supply.

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Many Governments lease or have a buy back provisions in their supply contacts, allowing KNZTC to offer these reconditioned and certified for accuracy devices back for sale at a low cost.

Prices and product availability subject to change, please inquire


  • Top condition NZ$500 plus GST
  • Body of unit with scratches NZ$350 Plus GST


Stalker I ex demo unit condition like brand new
NZ$ 1100 plus GST

Stalker I ex demo unit



Current items brand new

In order to obtain the best price when manufacturing products for customers we end up with an over supply of parts as we must purchase in bulk.

We sell these at our cost with no mark up to dispose of them.

Large GPS speedometers

NZ$285.00 plus GST

Large GPS speedometer



Meanwell power supplies

100-240-volt to 12-volt 12.5-amp DC IP65 rated 6-year warranty
NZ$101 plus GST

meanwell 1



Meanwell open power supply

100-240-volt to 12-volt 6-amp DC rated 1-year warranty
NZ$26 plus GST

meanwell power supply



Tuning forks

3 Frequencies 41-61-97 km/h
NZ$40 Plus GST each

tuning forks



Speed Camera Pole Housings

Many of our industrial customers use dummy speed camera housing to deter speeding, these housings are a flat pack kits for export with all parts for you to assemble and mount on 100mm round pole.

Complete with clear plastic lens cover plate.

Call and discuss as we can make to flash for over speed if required.

speed camera housing



Providing Customers With The Total Speed Measurement Solution